• In case you're still active and still actually care about this wiki or our situation, I have posted the first episode of the reboot of Trollpasta Critic to use as bonus items in my music projects, and also as another project that no one will probably care about.

    Also, if you need to talk, just hit me up on Facebook (my name is Robert Faulkner, just a pseudonym by the way), and I'll explain everything.

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    • Nicely done work, Sir Rob. I still remember me Creepypasta Critic series, don't worry. I even crave reading an installment now and again. But the lack of interest to continue it is still there. I moved into community college and am currently trying to balance out online chatting and real life fun. I'm sorry I pushed this series under the bridge, but it was nice while it lasted. Hopefully you can have some luck and make some fans through your Trollpasta Critic reboot. You can find me on Discord under the username "American Tilly Witus #2494", or you can find my active Youtube channel called "B Specks" that is trying to emphasize the funny and musical side to unedited reality. Again, I'm glad that you haven't forgot about the good times we have had, joined together by this series. Sadly, I am not currently active on any Wikia servers but I am looking to see if a new community pops up that interests me. This reboot put a smile on my face, knowing that some variation of the Critic lives on today. I will be honored to friend you on Facebook. The reviews continue to bring us together. We laughed. We cried. We vomited. We drank cans of Four Loco in under five seconds. But best of all, we had fun. Have a good evening and stay classy!

      (Now i wonder where them Bones, them Bones, them dryyyyyyyy Bonesy went...)

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    • Update: Like every name you type into Facebook, there are multiple Robert Faulkners. Which one be you?

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    • The guy with the vaporwave avatar, with the name ONLINE_OUTLAW on it, two gradient guns, a YouTube forum weapon overlaid on it, and a Behold a Pale Horse banner, stuff like that. Also Bonesy is on Facebook as well so don't worry. Hope to see you there.

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    • Perhaps a link to my Facebook would solve this dillemma, so you guys could just friend me and then I'll friend you back. (I dont use Facebook that much, and this is modeled after me IRL, but it's highly unlikely that you guys would use any of this info against me so I'm cool with sharing it.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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